Educational guides

Several guides aimed at visitors were created as part of the project.

As part of the Euro-regional fortified site open days, a guide of the North European sites was produced in collaboration with the Association for the promotion of the fortified areas of the Nord-Pas de Calais region. Themed tours, hidden riches and unusual visits, green hikes: The guide proposes numerous tours and ideas of walks for all ages.

An e-book entitled All you ever wanted to know about fortifications… was put together with the aim of providing an simplified description of the military heritage and its history. It's now available on Itunes and soon on Amazon.

In the end, the Into nature's secrets almanac offers an alternative perspective on the fortified heritage: Using several typical examples, this calendar illustrates the biological rhythms of the fortifications by encouraging the reader to understand and respect the wild flora and fauna. What do plant and animal species do during each different season ? Which maintenance and management activities are required in nature areas ? Every month, this information is given along with recommendations for the visitors.

 Research is being conducted into the ecological management of defensive sites. It is being coordinated by the Province of West Flanders in conjunction with all the partners. A Belgian company was chosen in order to develop an environmental and landscape policy designed to showcase these areas. The process consists of drawing up a list of the sites using key data in order to pinpoint problems and opportunities before adopting a method for developing and managing the sites. A series of four workshops has been organised, each one lasting two days.A Practical Guide and a promotional brochure have been written based on the results of the analysis conducted during these working sessions.



  Le projet «Murailles et Jardins» s'inscrit dans le cadre du programme INTERREG IVA des 2 Mers