The second area of project action focuses on “interpretation, enhancing and promoting cultural and tourist value” which is central to the issue of knowledge transmission. Exchanging know-how on interpreting sites allows for the definition of an effective joint approach and harmonize policies for enhancing and promoting project sites (content, references, vocabulary, visitor products). Training modules designed for heritage guides, local coordinators and elected representatives have then be set up. The creation of a shared tourist tool will soon offer the advantage of enhancing the readability of actions and encourage the adoption of a collective interpretation culture, as well as improving the way that local projects take on board “cultural mediation criteria”.

 A Smartphone audio guide application covering the sites is due out in June 2014: routes for visitors, points of interest and scientific information will be included to make it easier to visit and understand the fortifications. Essex County Council is managing this strand.

A few examples...

Two ecology-focused interpretation centres, as well as a visitor centre for the general public, will be created at the Abbaye de Watten. 

The City of Ypres continues to combine interpretation, enhancement and site promotion with ecological management. Developing footpaths on a relatively inaccessible section of the ramparts should pave the way towards a genuine understanding of the fortified landscape. The new paths will be accompanied by an interpretation centre, situated in the underground chambers, opened since April 2013, to offer a better understanding of the history and evolving landscape of the fortifications. An educational site will be set up in the Dutch town of Hellevoetsluis, as a starting point for visits focusing on ecology and history. A permanent exhibition will also be created in the 19th century military quarters. These will be reconstructed, as well as the original stairways.

  Le projet «Murailles et Jardins» s'inscrit dans le cadre du programme INTERREG IVA des 2 Mers