Long-recognised as strategic regions, the Northern French plains, Flanders and the Southern Netherlands feature one of Europe’s highest concentrations of fortified towns. Traces of fortifications on the East coast of England which played a key role in thwarting attacks from the mainland are also of considerable interest. A frontier-land, bordered by the North Sea, it was fought over by major European powers right up until World War 2. Nowadays, these architectural elements and former military areas have become popular places for relaxing, leisure activities and tourist destinations, as well as natural areas of major ecological interest.

The purpose of the “Walls and Gardens” project is therefore to ensure the long-term conservation of this landscape and architectural heritage, while recognizing, and indeed reinforcing its potential for accessibility and everyday usage. It is based on joint methodological reflection and exchange of experience between partners.

  Le projet «Murailles et Jardins» s'inscrit dans le cadre du programme INTERREG IVA des 2 Mers