In a theme combining heritage and sustainable development issues, “landscape and ecological management of sites” invites the twenty-two partners to jointly reflect on the landscaping and ecological aspects of conserving and protecting fortified sites. Outworks and advance works, ramparts, moats and other walls have allowed for the development of specific flora and fauna: bats, historic planting, etc. On the strength of shared experience, the twenty-two partners offer each site added-value in terms of ecological management. The general public will then enjoy the advantages of enhanced historic and landscaped environments with easier access conditions.

Research is being conducted into the ecological management of defensive sites. It is being coordinated by the Province of West Flanders in conjunction with all the partners. A Belgian company was chosen in order to develop an environmental and landscape policy designed to showcase these areas. The process consists of drawing up a list of the sites using key data in order to pinpoint problems and opportunities before adopting a method for developing and managing the sites. A series of four workshops has been organised, each one lasting two days.

A Practical Guide and a promotional brochure have been written based on the results of the analysis conducted during these working sessions. They are now displayed on the project website.

A few examples…

With assistance from external experts and the support of other European partners, selective clearing will be carried out in Bergues, before landscaping works in accordance with sustainable development principles (respecting ecosystems, the environment, generalized mediation, etc.) The pathway was officially opened on March 1st by Sylvie Brachet, Mayor of Bergues, and Patrick Kanner, President of the Conseil général du Nord.



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