By inviting the partners to consider the notions of “borders” and fortifications, the project offers an opportunity to raise questions relating to the creation of boundaries, their impact on populations, trade flows and the way their role has evolved from historic times to the present-day. Fortified towns, which once marked the separation of individual states, are now capable of bringing them together, uniting different countries around a shared issue and common heritage in a European context, where the notion of “border” is becoming less distinct. To coincide with the tercentenary of the Treaty of Utrecht, a series of exhibitions, cultural events and festivities will round off studies carried out on this topic.

Ypres has organized a symposium on the theme of “borders set in stone” in november 2013.


In order to understand the border

16 towns, located along the Franco-Belgian frontier, from Furnes to Lille, provide information about the heritage and history as well as the economic features of cross-border cultural life on their websites or on digital terminals.


  Le projet «Murailles et Jardins» s'inscrit dans le cadre du programme INTERREG IVA des 2 Mers